Before you read your results

Here are some things to keep in mind!

You will receive a color wheel with a point on it and three scales displaying your accumulative score for international affairs, economics, and society. The scores on the scales range from 0 to 255. The scores are not qualitative, meaning no score is better than another. Instead they state a relative position of belief for that particular category. 

With each of our three main scales, there are terms at each end denoting a specific ideology. On the left are community-focused ideologies, and on the right are individual-focused ideologies. We suggest you read our definitions for each term… We may define them differently that you do. Also, these terms do not refer to two halves of a spectrum but rather the distant end points. For example: getting a score of 103 in economics (green) does not mean you’re a communist, but it does mean that your beliefs are relatively more community-focused when it comes to economic matters.